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Truck Driver Accounting Services

Contact a trucking accounting business to keep you and your vehicle on the road.

Truck drivers are exceptional individuals in our society because they carry out essential distribution and logistical services that keep America running. But, they need assurance that they will constantly have the resources and support to do their jobs correctly while driving.

Dexter Dispatch offers truck drivers honest accounting services. Truck drivers and owners feel supported when driving their vehicles and gain the benefits of taxpayers.

We offer billing services so you can offer your clients the best services possible and get highly paid on time.

What Our Services Bring to Trucking Billing and Accounting

We currently provide our professional truck accounting services to many truck drivers and owner-operators in America. What to expect when you choose Us:

DDS Trucking Accounting Services for a Smooth and Reliable Business Operation

When done correctly, accounting can save you money and help in your business grow. We are experts in providing this kind of service. We use a professional approach, removing all of the confusion from the entire procedure so your business can get the required truck driver accounting services.

Supporting your business with suitable trucking invoices
You provide your trucking services, and then you get paid. Creating an invoice helps your clients know how much they pay for your services and ensures you get paid what you are due. We feel proud to contribute to this valuable service, which is depended upon by all truck drivers.

DDS trucking invoices for all aspects of your business.

You might offer additional services in aside from your normal logistics and shipping job. To maintain up strong customer connections and get paid for your work, you must deliver invoices to your clients in a flexible and trustworthy way. Give us a chance to impress with our dependable trucking invoicing services.

A hands-free process designed to help drivers.

We are the experts in billing, accounting, and invoicing. It gives DDS great pleasure to offer the appropriate level of service to the truckers who depend on working with us. We take care of everything, so drivers don’t have to worry about any billing or accounting-related issues.

A service that is personal and close to you

We understand that independent drivers and owner-operators have different requirements and expectations. For this reason, we collaborate closely with you to determine exactly what you need, and then we utilize our experience to fulfill and go above your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does DDS do the invoicing? How do I get paid?

    Yes. We have customers for whom we handle all the paperwork including, sending invoices to the factoring company. We DO NOT accept payments on your behalf. We submit your invoices to the factoring company & they’ll directly pay you.

  • What happens if I don't want to take the load you have to offer me?

    If you don’t want to take the load that we offer you, you may let us know, and we’ll continue to find the load for you until we find the one that is acceptable to you. 

  • How do I get on board?

    If you’re willing to get on the board with us, you just need to fill out a form. Also, you need to provide us with your MC authority acceptance document.

  • What type of trucks do you provide dispatching services for?

    We specialize in providing dispatch services for Dry vans, Flatbed, Step Deck, and Reefers. However, if you’re seeking dispatching services for any other type of trailer, you can let us know. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

  • Why should I sign up for Dexter Dispatch Services?

    Dexter Dispatch Services makes it easy for you to handle your shipping requirements. You can get quick quotes, track your shipment & get your freight delivered on time.

  • How does Dexter Dispatch Services choose carriers?

    Dexter Dispatch Services works with a reliable & efficient network of carriers, each of which is required to go through several steps to fulfill the compliance, safety, & accountability requirements.

  • What paperwork do I need to receive a payment? What paperwork do I need to receive a payment?
    Invoice & POD are the standard documents required to get your payment. If any additional documents are required, our team will let you know.
  • What type of equipment do you hire?
    We hire carriers for all types of equipment such as dry van, flatbed, LTL, FTL, reefer, & power only.
  • What will Dexter Dispatch Services do for my business?

    It’s simple. Most owner-operators get into trucking to drive more miles & earn money. However, they get bogged down by paperwork, load searching, negotiations & phone calls. By taking care of your back-office operations such as load searching, negotiations, email & phone updates, Dexter Dispatch Services allows your business operations to run smoothly & get you top paying loads. Our goal is to find you the highest paying loads so that you put more money in your pocket.